Shop & Parlor information

Kira Kira Shop

Available products

  • Various beverages
  • Alcohol (beer, cocktail chuhai, Awamori)
  • Barbecue products (seasoning, paper plates, paper cups, ice)
  • Others (prepared dishes, bread, local sweets, sweets, toys, t-shirts, goggles, swimming rings, soap, shampoo and others)


Very popular rental swimming rings and floats Every item is 550 yen, cheap!

Kira Kira Parlor


・Soft serve ice cream
・Taco rice

Ice cream, shaved ice, ice zenzai (shaved ice with sweet bean paste), drinks, floats, icy soft drink, hot/iced coffee, katsu (pork cutlet) curry, chicken nanban (fried chicken with sweetened vineger) rice bowl, chicken tatsuta (fried chicken with soy sauce) burger, menchi katsu (fried patty of minced meat) burger, fried takoyaki (octopus dumplings), cup noodles, corn dogs and others